I couldn’t believe it … there I was watching a news report (that my mum had accidently recorded by the way) and I was simply shocked by what I was seeing.

On the television screen, police in riot gear were running around trying to control an unruly mob. The police were lobbing some type of grenades and there sounded like gunfire and it was all happening at the very place that I had been standing just 24 hours earlier.

That’s right, in an effort “to find myself” I had traveled to Greece and I was lucky to leave one day before the recent riots broke out.

As I stood in my mum’s living room, I couldn’t help but be swept up by the uncertainty and the preciousness of life.

I had always known that I wanted to do something with my life that made me happy and that allowed me to help others but after this close call I was more determined than ever to make my dreams come true.

My dreams involved traveling and being able to help others less fortunate than myself.

There was one problem though, as a McDonald’s employee I wasn’t exactly swimming in cash.

So how was I going to be able to turn my dream into reality? I’ll tell you all about how I’ve changed my life – as well as many other lives – in my next email.


Shane Teale

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