So I’ve shared with you my desire to travel the world and help others and I’ve told you that I’ve been fulfilling this dream while working at McDonald’s.

Many of you are probably wondering how I can possibly afford it … and those of you who have been on the Internet for a while are probably waiting for me to share “the unbelievable Internet opportunity” that I discovered that made all of this possible.

Well, surprise, surprise …

This is not about an Internet business. I don’t have a “can’t miss income opportunity” that you and I both know will never deliver as promised.

I’m not an Internet success story, what I am is someone who was able to identify what makes him happy and then adjust his life so that he is able to do those things.

In other words, I work as much as I can at McDonald’s and I gladly save my money because I know that each dollar I save will go toward me doing what I really love – which is traveling and helping people.

You see, some of us might be stuck in jobs that aren’t that great or that we don’t particularly like but that shouldn’t keep us from doing what we enjoy in other parts of our lives.

It’s about being committed and making sacrifices.

It doesn’t matter if you work at McDonald’s or as an executive at a major company, in either case you can live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

My friend Abby and I have discovered this fact and neither one of us is rich.

Don’t let your employment circumstances prevent you from pursuing your dreams! Visit (insert link) to learn more about how I’m making my dreams come true and how you can do the same.


Shane Teale

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