Introducing Shane Teale…

I am a young Aussie who developed a passion for travel after being bitten by the travel bug.

When I finished school I had no idea what I wanted to be, so decided to take a gap year. My friend invited me on a cruise to Vanuatu and once I received my passport a new chapter in my life commenced.

From that moment I was hooked.

This was back in 2010 and my gap year is still going.

I’m always up for an adventure and keen to meet new people. I currently have friends situated all over the world and a great story about how we met.

There’s a saying, “You always regret the things you didn’t do more than the things that you did,” and this is something I live by. I’d much rather have a life full of ‘oh wells’ rather than ‘what ifs.’

To be old and wise you have to be young and stupid.

My goal in life is to be happy and do things I love. Travel is a life full of the unknown and adventure. Sometimes you have to take risks but it comes with massive rewards.

I made this website to share the ups and downs of travel and just some of my random stories.

Life is an adventure and I want to share that with you.

Thanks for reading my website and sharing a passion for travel.

See you somewhere in the world